Do I have to register to update or add casino information or comments?
No. We do not require you to register for anything.

Do you visit every casino?
No. I wish I could but with over 3,000 casinos listed in over 100 countries I cannot visit them all.

How come some posts say a casino is great while the next post says it sucks?
Everyone has a different opinion of what makes a good casino and there are some jerks that just have a problem with a casino so they will say nasty things that are not true. You cannot believe everything that you read.

Where can I find more information about a casino?
Do what I do, search the Internet or contact the casino directly, better yet visit them and post your comments back here!

How do I find casinos with websites?
If you go to "Advanced Casino Search" on the main page there is an option to search for casinos with websites.

When do you update the changes I make?
Comments are updated immediately, Casino Additions, Deletions and Information Changes are usually updated daily but may take up to a week depending on circumstances.

I get a nasty pop up box that says "Your comment has been rejected due to banned language or invalid length" but I think it is OK what should I do?
First check that your message is longer than 50 characters and shorter then 1,000 (including spaces). Next check that you did not say anything nasty (including the text of the name field). If you still cannot figure it out email me your comment along with the name you want to enter and I will tell you what is wrong.

Can you list the banned words so we do not use them?
If I list the words then people will just find ways around them!

Will you pay me to review casinos for you?
No, I cannot afford that; this is a "Public Service" site.

How do I contact you?
Email Me at: BigCasinoList