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Dave - Frankfort - 1/23/2004 12:34:03 AM
Turtle Creek is one of those places where you feel good about it one day, yet hate it the next. Feeling good is obviously when you win, and feeling bad is when you write three letters to the casino over a 12 month period and never get a reply. Their customer relations for Player's Club members rates a zero. I receive the least number of mailings from Traverse Bay Entertaiment, in regard to promotions, events, etc. The staff, even if you are a twice weekly visitor, is impersonal. I recognize them: NEVER do they recognize ME. As a rule, we make sure we eat before we get there, or have plans to eat afterwards, elsewhere. Turtle Creek Has a preferred players' card, and preferred players' card privelages, for, obviously, preferred players. Catering to a minority; if you are an average player, the bread and butter for the casino, be aware you will be treated second class. Players Club point redemption has basically gone to hell, where the overpriced food is the only "fair" compensation. The slots remain fair, win some, lose some, and I'll remain a customer, although the casino would not notice, or care, if I return.

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