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Dan - Bear Lake - 1/22/2004 10:24:19 PM
This is the only casino I've seen where, not having been satisfied with "tight" slots, have removed just about ALL popular slots in the last four months! Don't believe current ads on # of slots and particular games: they're gone! The aisles keep getting wider, as they remove the slots that were most popular, then re-arrange machines to cover up the loss. Replacements are few, and even tighter. Take a bit of advice from the locals: Traverse City is only a bit further north, and you'll find those higher paying machines that Little River has taken off the floor. Bad management.
Rebecca Ealy - Fountain - 9/24/2003 3:20:24 PM
I agree with Patty!! TIGHT!!!!!! I don't mind losing, but I would at least like to play alittle while. Tightest casino I have ever been to. Their Friday and Saturday night buffet is their one saving grace as far as I am concerned. Well worth the money. Word of advice, if you go to the buffet, take $17.95 per person with you and leave the rest of your money to home. Have a good dinner - that will be your only enjoyment at this casino.
Pattie Vandling - Scottville - 4/29/2003 10:34:43 AM
Wouldn't reccommend if you want to win. Since the expansion has been built, machines are the tightest of any casino I've ever seen (I guess they have to pay gor the new constuction. Very poor service from wait staff also, while at machines Two thumbs down.

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