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Isle of Crapi patron - KANSAS CITY - 12/12/2003 9:02:44 PM
It's a total joke. The atmosphere is tacky and cheap. The food is overpriced and they have the tightest slots in every market they are in. This casino has a long reputation of being a ghetto casino. If you go there HOLD ON TO YOUR PURSE... The Missouri Gaming Commission has fined a Kansas City casino $120,000 for not reporting a purse snatching to authorities quickly enough. The fine stems from a September incident at the Isle of Capri. The casino's security supervisor allegedly waited 18 hours to tell law officers about the theft -- even though casino security cameras had caught suspect on tape.
Jimmie - Dallas - 2/5/2003 12:59:11 AM
I have been to your casino a few times. When I come there, i come to have fun. Sometimes I win but mostly I lose. But I still have fun. Thanks for the good times.
slnelson - Cleburne, TX - 6/5/2002 1:17:39 AM
WE were there one hour and lost everything. The video poker was the worst.
Vickie Doucet - Mooringsport, La. 71060 - 10/18/2001 8:48:49 PM
I have been coming to your casino off and on since it opened. I was in there on 10/17/01. I know that you can't always win but I have had the worst luck at your casino than at any other one. I complained about the service on the slot machine one time and it seems that I have had a block put on my card so that when I play I will not win. I like to play slots but if you never win you don't try that casino as much. I do not receive mail from your casino about upcoming events and it is like you don't care wheather I come to your casino or not. I really don't think this is the way to build business. If you like you can e-mail me at Thanks

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