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T.MARTIN - MIAMI - 1/2/2003 3:13:19 PM
Joe obviously didn't go to the same Miccosukee on Krome Ave I go to. Or perhaps he took a wrong turn and spent the night at the child care center. Not only do you get free drinks of ALL TYPES, but you get service with a smile. As far as payout. Rule of thumb dictates you should try playing the machines MOST PEOPLE are waiting to play. Chances are they may know something you dont. And if not, just ask. Most people are not only friendly but very willing to give information. I've been to a few, but Miccosukee is far superior than most. As far as payout: JUST SIT AND WATCH! You wont believe how much money they pay on any given night.
Joe Gonzalez - New Orleans - 12/25/2002 7:01:26 PM
The machines have terrible odds, there are no free drinks, and the special steak and lobster was tough and flavorless. This is a loser, go to a real casino.

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