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undisclosed - spring valley - 10/20/2003 8:43:00 PM
I am sorry to hear your stories about sycuan! Wait till you hear mine I worked for there security department for about 2 months. They pull me into there office and fired me for what you say? Well they did not give me any reasons. Further when i tried to file for unemployment come to my amazement that ehy said I treatend a supervisor and that i treaten to damage a company vehicle "golf cart". I was so amazed what i heard I called them back and told them it was all lies turnes out that i hear from former employee's that i was just hired for there pow wow. They did not want to lay me off and the who reason why they where picking on me while i was working for them is to get me to quit so they did not have to pay EDD. Dont work for these people! if you currently work for them man your in a whole world of crazy rumors and what have you.
ex tribal casino employee - small town - 6/25/2003 5:22:33 AM
Too Katie Lange: I think that you already understand that they are not there to help you do anything except loose your money. This is espically true of tribal casino's as I have found that most all of them have very rude employees espically if you happen to be white. Now had it been a tribal member I would assure you they would have gotten a ride and free gas no questions asked. Feed up with the reverse descrimination stuff
Kathie Lange - Spring Valley - 6/27/2002 3:05:09 AM
I have frequented Sycuan for several years, I enjoyed the atmosphere. A situation last night brought new light to this casino. I ran out of gas right by Dehesa School kinda late last night. The gas gage had broken and was stuck on 1/2 tank. I was driving my husbands car because the breaks on mine need to be replaced. When I finally got to the casino, I couldnt reach any of my friends to come and help. An employee overheard this and informed me that Security would help me out. The first guy said "sure, if you have a gas can". I found one. That guy was no where to be found so I asked another security guy. He said "I need a valid id" This presents a new problem, it was in my car. I had money for the gas. But, this was their policy. I was then informed that no one could take me to my car which I was informed by security person number one that they would not be able to take me to my car. It was past midnight and they it didn't matter to them if I walked. I waited for a long time for the casino manager and he never showed. I never need id when I bring $100 in the casino, yet, I needed id for a gallon of gas. I would help out someone on my property if this happened to them. I can promise you I wont go back there and I think everyone should realize they dont care.
john r - Farmington, Mi. - 7/23/2001 5:03:57 PM
Someone there please notify world champion bingo player "Issy L. Moreno" or his wife Linda, to contact his best friend that taught him all he knows about Bingo! at , thankyou very much.

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