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suuzze - valencia - 1/27/2005 3:04:59 PM
Beautiful casino and hotel. Rooms are nicer than most vegas hotels. service is excellent. Tons of slots and best of all - I won!
Katie - Swartz Creek, MI - 7/31/2002 8:52:08 PM
While on vacation in California, my family and I were told about this Casino and how wonderful it was. I had just turned 18 so we got directions and ventured out and found Pechanga. As we were walking up to the casino, the writing on the doors said "Must be 21 or older to enter Casino". The minimum age on this website needs to be changed to 21. About 2 months ago they started serving alochol - if you are 18 and thinking about going, you have to wait until you are 21!!! =(
Lori S. - El Cajon, California - 1/17/2002 5:27:56 PM
Trying to get info about Pechunga Casino. Considering driving up there. Questions: Approx. how many slot machines are there? How big is casino? Are there any $5 slot machines? What is overall payoff percentage? Any info anyone can give to me would be greatly appreciated. If you could post it here in this "comment" area. Thanks.
JOe Mack - Long Beach - 8/3/2001 7:28:05 PM
How can I access peoples critiques about Pechunga. I didn't see any.
dennis zalewski - St. Clare Shores - 7/23/2001 4:44:28 PM
Tall Paul (Aka PP) Parfenovich, lives in town and will one day clean out your casino, as he is an expert at Pai Gow poker!

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