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Henry - Santa Barbara - 3/24/2004 1:13:36 PM
The last real chumash died a long time ago; and chances of winning here dropped dramatically once the expensive new facility replaced the old hall. Friends who work there tell me that since no one can count six decks that they're pulling faces and aces from the decks, and that as indian casinos don't have to give the percentage payouts that you get in nevada that they've cut the payouts to the minimum required by law. the problem with indian casinos is that there's just two enforcement people for all casinos west of the mississippi; and in the instance of california, the attorney general has said enforcement belongs to the counties where they reside - and since all these people get donations from the 'tribe' guess how much chance you have of getting an honest game? save your money and go to nevada - these indians claim to be 'sovereign nations' and if that's really so, i'd like them to have a passport control whenever one of these thieves leaves the reservation
Donald - Newbury Park, CA - 10/25/2003 8:16:06 AM
Louri is a fat whore...go suck a cock you dick head
David epstein - Thousand Oaks - 6/19/2002 7:21:06 PM
im in love with Iouri

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