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judy Beaver - Penn Valley Ca. - 11/11/2002 10:46:22 AM
To packed, winning is everything, what they really mean winning your money is everything. You can spend $5000.00 and, will the casino even buy your lunch.? NO!! Was there last year sitting next to a woman on a machine, we got to talking and she was on the way to the airport, so she hit her cash out button. Did ANYONE even acknowledge her being there, NO. I told her I'd watch her machine while she went to get help, which in NO WAY should one have to do this.( I am pretty sure (DUH) that they make more than enough money to pay more help.) She sat and waited with no response from ANY employee, yes, they walked by and you could holler for help and, they would just keep walking, well guess what 2 hours later, not 15 or 20 minutes, but, 2 hours later the lady had to leave to catch her plane, and, she had left $450.00 on the machine ($1.00) slot. Yes, I did say $450.00 , well, when we drop money into the machine it is immediately theres. When we want to get our money back just like the casino we want it now. There should be a law against ripping the public off like this, like they are not making there unfair share now. You can ask a lot of people how they are treated there and they will tell you. You spend $2.00 in Reno on a machine and you can win $1600.00 you play the $1.00 slot at one of the Indian casinos and it costs you $8.00 to win $800.00. Well, I really hope that they build a LOT more of these cansinos, like the one in sacramento and surrounding areas, one has just been approved, because when this happens just like Reno, it's rally going to hurt them. If you are not familiar with the Casino's in Reno, you should try em' they will buy you lunch, dinner, give you a room , the employees are friendly and you get service. You can also put a card into the machine to help you track (for tax purposes) what you have spent. You even get to play for awhile, when you put $500.00 into a machine, and, only get back $50.00, something is wrong. When enough new casinos are built the money from the public can only be spread so thin, it's going to hurt somewhere, and , the public will let them know real quickly, the buses that come in from Sac, and the Bay Area will stop at the Sac. area casino's........
A.J. - Woodland - 11/6/2002 3:15:28 PM
Before you make comments about percentage of payback, you should get more educated. Not to defend Cache Creek, but there is not a machine on their floor that is less than 90% and they are regulated. I've been in the buisness for over 20 years.
tony - san jose - 9/16/2002 12:45:20 AM
big casino floor but always packed the staff are not really friendly indian casinos suck if your going to drive to cache creek indian casino your better of driving to reno only another two hours away at least the have a gaming control board that says the casino must payback at least 75%on thier slot machines unlike california where thier is no minumun payback on thier slots by law in the state of california why do u think these casinos in california get so big in the middle of nowhere if your going to gamble and want a fair chance at winning go to nevada to gamble
My T. - San Jose, CA - 8/23/2002 12:31:35 PM
Large casino area, but too packed on weekends. Have to wait a while if you want to play slots (you'll get one if you are lucky). Plenty of black jack tables, but only 4 or 5 pai-gow tables (forget about getting a seat here). staff not too friendly compared to other casinos in area. I'm not going back to this one.

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