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Carolyn Randleas - Wallace Ihaho - 10/21/2001 5:27:48 PM
Dear Sir. This is a short note to thank you for being a great casino.We have injoyed it many times in past.We are great fans of your bowling tourememts,you have always been fair and up front with the pro bowlers and sim-pro; Just a few day ago Cliff Casle held a state tourement,and this is what they did, They did not pay any money to the players, who paid 90$ to bowl This i no for afact, my son took first place and all he gets is a trophy sent in mail,if he even gets that. i fell they were very unfair and should be ashamed of themself, for they give all tribes a bad name , if you would please take a few min and call David and say sumthing about his winning it would help heal his hert felling,and all other people that felt like they were took for a ride.his # is 520-474-1358 they were missled in all things in this tourement thank you for your time and good luck in the future tourements

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