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Melinda - Akron - 12/9/2003 2:19:04 AM
Loosest slots in Indiana? If these are the loosest I certainly do not want to see the tightest. I spent the weekend here, spent $400.00 a night, played quarters, half dollars, and then tried the dollar slots. The ONLY hit I had after playing all weekend was $114.00 on the quarter slots and $40.00 on the 50cent slots. After spending 800 dollars first. Not very good odds. Oh well, maybe I'm just unlucky. : (
Bev Riddle - Crawfordsville, IN - 8/18/2002 2:15:41 PM
My husband and I were there recently. I too noticed that there was lack of warmth there. What happened to the smiles? We did not stay there, but spent a good part of day at the slots. Don't understand the admission part when the 2 casinos nearby were free. Parking garage nice for it rained as we got there. I prefer Grand Victoria, husband prefers Argosy.
Don - Indiana - 7/9/2002 9:42:21 PM
Computer was down so I got "0" points and comp's for 3 days play. Very rude empoyees. Loosest slots by a few tenths of a percent, but they make that up by making you pay the $3 per person that they have to give to the state. Won't go back there again. Went on to the Grand Victoria and won a big jackpot playing $5 slots, nice place. Avoid Argosy.
Deb - Anderson - 2/10/2002 1:41:52 AM
We (my husband) have encountered very nice people. We have our room comped on every visit, but you have to request it. The only problem I've seen was finding change people. They have increased the amount of nickle slots & have a variety of old & new slots of all denominations.
pk - indiana - 1/25/2002 2:37:51 PM
Could not even park our 14ft box truck any where at the casino yet you can park a big rig and campers we were told to leave by the gard. no box trucks on there property seams unfair. so we went to rising sun that does not make a differance about what we drive.
RJ - Cleveland - 1/22/2002 10:53:41 PM
Nasty attitudes, from employees to crowd and that was my impression, BEFORE I lost my butt! Won it back down the street at Grand Vic! Nice place no attitude!
John - Cincinnati, OH - 10/23/2001 12:55:24 PM
This place is wayyyy too smokey and the pit bosses are very rude. The only thing they have going for them is location.

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