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Harry Gato - chicago - 1/24/2004 9:54:37 PM
Paranoid management. Bad losers and hate for one to get away.
SIMON - WEST PALM BEACH - 5/21/2003 7:37:56 PM
This casino is massive by any comparason.I spent a month there and still didn't get to see everything.I don't play slots(called pokies)but it appears returns are low compared with USA.Excellent table games, no tipping allowed and NO SMOKING.Blackjack is nothing special, six decks cut two. Not for the knowledgeable player. Roulette, a fair game but not up to European standards as zero takes all outside bets. Still, only one zero to contend with which is better than the Mafia 00 wheels prevelent in the Continental Americas and all the countries they influence. I liked the place and give it first class grade.
KEN WILDE - GULFPORT - 5/14/2003 8:21:43 PM
This casino is first rate by any standards. I travel throughout the world and visit as many casinos as possible. To rate the Crown as medium in size is a gross understament. This casino is a city and has 80 SINGLE ZERO ROULETTE WHEELS alone. Over twenty restaurants and round the clock first class service.Shopping arcades abound. I stayed for 28 days so feel more qualified than most to comment. The gaming area is roughly a quarter of a million sq. ft.There are programs to cater to everyone.Whilst the main floor casino is non smoking ( a big harrah!!)the nicotine addicts can always join one of the interior clubs which presumably were formed to skirt the law against smoking. Will I return? You bet I will.
Therese Webster - Singapore - 1/16/2002 7:09:49 PM
Dear Crown I am currently living in Singapore, and often on my return to Melb. I visit your casino; I am a crown club member. I was made aware by the internet that you are changing the smoking laws at the complex. Will you be having smoke rooms? I hope so. I understand the concerns of your workers but business is business. The Victorian Govt should make concessions and pay for the inconvenience with the taxes they collect from selling the cigarettes. I hope the high flyers aren't the only ones to enjoy your complex. Regards Therese Webster

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