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Pokerman - Raleigh, NC - 2/4/2003 9:28:43 PM
Since the Hotel has opened, I've stayed there almost everytime I go. It is fantastic. It has a covered archway from the hotel to the casino so you never need your car once you get there. In the past year I've won two jackpots. No alcohol, no problem. This casino stays full every weekend and has excellent dining facilities as well.
Melissa - Butler, INDIANA - 10/22/2002 5:51:12 PM
This was our first time to the casino and we had a very nice time. Like mentioned before though there is NO alcohol in this casino. The free shuttle was excellent considering it was a downpour the night we was there. But very eye catching-very clean and polite. Thanks Again, looking forward to be there next year.
Jennifer Night - ATLANTA - 8/5/2002 8:17:09 PM
Very nice people and quick to help you. I love going to Cherokee! I have won more at this casino then any other. P.S. Your info is incorrect, they do not allow alcohol in or around the casino. If you enjoy playing craps, then do not bother coming here. Good Luck
sharon parsons - wichita kansas - 8/2/2002 12:01:59 PM
i'm writing on behalf too tell u that your casino is the best around. very polite people, and well taken care of enviorment. i'm also plan on moving there in september. please look forward in seeing me. i have experience in the casino work.
Douglas Simpson - Dearborn Heights, MI - 6/24/2002 8:19:14 AM
My wife and I have been going to this Casino every year for the past four years. The staff is great, and the lock feature is one of the reasons we keep coming back. Can't wait for the hotel!
Michael D. Sharp - Oak Ridge, Tennessee - 7/2/2001 2:12:41 PM
I would like to say this is one of the most fun and exciting casino's that I've ever had the pleasure to visit. They always have someone avaliable to assist you and considering the size they seem to stay fairly full. I think with the addition of the hotel that they will be able to have more people spend say, the weekend without having to actually leave the grounds find a room and then come back at a later time. Frankly,with it being so close to my home town I can enjoy it any day of the week. Some folks I've talked to don't like the "lock and roll" feature but I sure do! It's like having 2 rolls for one!! Keep doing what your doing there in Cherokee and "I'll Be Back"!!!

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