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Larry Shanahan - sydney - 8/14/2003 2:32:58 PM
Having recieved a satifactory explanation from Mr Ron Blinkhorn, it would appear that the problem our friends experienced at the all-sports restaurant was an isolated insident. Having returned last night (wed) as usual , we found the food was perfect and the service excellent. Please regard previous incidents as an isolated case , not to be confused with the norm.
Larry Shanahan - cape breton - 7/24/2003 8:59:08 PM
Well for the third time in a row, the restaurant at sheraton casino sydney ns ca. excelled at poor service. after waiting 6 minutes to be seated, we ordered our meal. Subsequently a party of 8 , a party of 4, a party of 2 were seated nearby. all of these people were eating while we still waited for our order. in total discust I left the restaurant never to return. Called to speak to the manager, but was told he was unavailable. Waiting for an explenation from anyone.
Larry Shanahan - Victoria Mines Cape Breton NS CA - 6/26/2003 9:49:25 PM
every Wed. night my wife and I with our good friends from Glace Bay, visit the casino for food and some fun at the various gaming tables and machines. However this past Wed (25 th )Our daughter and her new husband (honey-mooners)joined us for the evening. The food was excellent as usual, but the service left a lot to be desired . After speaking to the restaurant manager my freind was told it was his fault for ordering his steak well done and that was why all the orders were held up. After waiting over 35 minutes and seeing other patrons getting served it was quite embarrasing for my wife and I considering we invited them to join us. Nothing like this happened before when Mr Fuentis was the manager. I don't beleive this will stop us from enjoying our Wed. night out, however we will seek out the Casino's General Manager with our dissappointment that evening

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