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Michael M - Edmonton - 6/1/2002 5:51:00 PM
Located right next to the GMCC college. My first time there and it was my last time there. The stand-alone building is not very appealing from the outside, and on the inside there isn't enought lighting to triger the sense of sight. The cealing was clearly visible, and i could not help notice that the majority of the staff is Asian. The exit out of the casino is also clearly visible, thus letting the customer aware of an 'emergency' escape route. Over-all, the staff is well trained; and difficult to beat in some games. And they also feature an european roulette table with a buck as the minimum bet. Good thing; on the American 25cent roulette table i lost $50; and on the European i won $120 or so. In conclusion, poor atomosphere... the customer is not drawned into the casino as he should be, there is more potential to be exploited... POOR JOB GUYS.

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