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Mike - New York - 11/8/2003 12:49:15 AM
The place is great. The best in the bahamas.I great place for pussy and women. Not a problem getting laid down there. I go like 5 times a year comps are great people are nice u need to throw somemoney around there. The prices are a little high but it;s the best of the best . The pools are great . Live bands and stuff doing the days. Atlantis is very live. If u want great, young, good pussy this is the place. Go for it u only live once
Nicholas Milani - new york - 7/30/2003 3:52:03 AM
simply the best casino. the comps are great and the people are wonderful. blackjack is great. also so a big plus is there is no tax or 1099 for the slots . the hotel is costly but what do uwant for a 6 star hotal simply the bes .. I think anyway
SIMON - WEST PALM BEACH - 5/21/2003 7:19:04 PM
Clearly a spectacular resort, world class facility. The Casino has taken a hit since 9/11 and gets most action on weekends.Bahamian bad attitude still apparent and dealers hustling for tips. Still best by far of any casinos in Caribbean. Slot players nightmare as low jackpots and bad machine care, service and change.
Claudia - Westport, Ct. - 11/19/2002 7:55:44 AM
This casino has most of the newest multi line slots. They also have an abundance of 5 cent machines. Not a long wait for drinks, but payouts seem to take awhile. It is true that some machines are broken and may take a long time to get fixed, but they have so many slots that it doesn't really seem to be a problem. The payouts seem to be pretty good for a resort casino. If you are a gambler you'll like this casino. The comps are excellent, be sure to use your card!
Jean - Red Bud, Illinois - 1/22/2002 9:10:15 PM
The closest thing I've seen to a Vegas style casino in the Caribbean is this one. It is quite large. One problem is the slot machines. When they aren't working, they don't fix them very well. We've gone three years in a row and there are the same problems with the same machines. For example, they don't accept money. Change people are non-existent, so you have to go to the cashier for change. It's also hard to find a cocktail waitress and if you go to the bar for a drink, the charges are outrageous. All in all, if you're going to a casino in the Caribbean, though, this is THE place. It's very large and Vegas looking.

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