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J Numbers - Boston - 12/21/2001 5:33:27 PM
I stayed at the Trop during August 2001. I didn't care much for the tables area of the casino, it's too bright and just not my style. I liked the Hilton casino( next door) much more. I did, however, love the 'FortuneDome' slot area at the Trop. I actaully saw a guy ride an elevator into a ten foot tall clear dome where money was blown around that he could grab for about 2 minutes or so. All of this was done to the music from 2001 A Space Odessey(sic). I like the fact that there was a 'Hooters' restaurant downstairs, bad food with a good view. I would stay here again unless I could find a better value room at the Hilton or Trump properties. I hear they now have a chicken that play stis-tac-toe for $10,000! I can't wait for that !
Angelofmercy - Angelofmischief - 8/23/2001 2:32:36 AM
I have never felt more at home while away from home. You're employer's are so involved with how they treat their visitor's, It makes you wish that was you're home. The Hotel's are warm cozy and very homely. The food was very delicious considering I've never eaten non-home cooked meals. I just wanna thank you for being you're best to you're visitor's. I can assure you that everone that I know will have my best compliment's and assurerie's on your Hotel/casino. I also want to thank you for showing that the world can be a fun and make you feel at home, as you would in you're own home. Thanks alot Tropicana. The best of luck and wishes to all of you Angel who has risen

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