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mirtha pineiro - elizabeth,nj - 5/12/2002 3:59:26 PM
I feel betrayed by de show boat casino in atlantic city on saturday(5/11.2002 Iplayed on the jeopardymachine and Isuposed won 3,300 quaters but the machine only gave me 300.00 the people around me told that was very extrange that if iwin the weel of the fortune the casino did'nt pay me the machine was showing .Iand very angry and Ineed a explanation about it.answer me if is posible thanks mirtha pineiro
Richard J. Borowiec - Warminster, Pennsylvania - 8/20/2001 8:44:33 PM
My family and I decided to bring our newborn son to the Showboat Casino for the weekend so we could bowl at the well-known Showboat lanes. The night we booked the room, we looked on various internet sites and nothing was mentioned of the lanes not being there anymore. Upon checking into our room, we paged through the Showboat booklet which gave details of the lanes too. WE SOON COME TO FIND OUT THE LANES NO LONGER EXISTED AND THUS WE ESSENTIALLY MADE A TRIP TO THE SHOWBOAT UNDER FALSE PRESENTATION.I called the guest relations and they connected me to the front dsk supervisor who said he could only apologize and offer nothing to compensate for the inconvience and false presentation. He rudely ended the call with a hangup. Within minutes the manager called the rm and offered us a measly $50 deduction off of the $200 rm. We were quite disappointed that such a casino that banks millions of revenue could not afford to update their own website with accurate attractions or spend the money to generate new updated guest booklets in the room. We are asking that in efforts to keep our family both immediate and extended, continous Showboat guests we would like our full amt paid refunded or a free night stay in the Showboat. We feel as though we were presented with inaccurate information regarding a highly visible attraction at this casino. All information regarding this should be forwarded to

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