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mark schau - omaha,ne - 12/2/2002 2:52:25 PM
Dear Craig H. Neilsen Or whom it may concern: Last Friday night a group of friends and myself went to the Ameristar Casino in Council Bluffs Iowa. We always go here because we like it best we usually go once every month or two there are two other casinos in the area but we always chose Ameristar sinnce everyone likes the Buffet and the casino, but after this last expierience I am not sure where we will go next time. After gambling in the casino for 3-4 hours I was approached by 2 security guards while I was in the middle of my Black Jack game, they grabbed me by my shoulder in front of everyone, which I fealt was very un proffessionla and said I had to leave the casino immidately, I asked why? They would not answer they just said I had to leave. Since I had came with a group of friends we all had to leave without explanation. I am still upset about this since I was not even told why!! Maybe you can help me with this. We really enjoy going to your buffet and gambling every once in a while. But with this past vi! sit and the way we were treated I cannot guarantee we will go back, since after all therre are 2 other casinos near by. Would you please explain to me why this happened, and why we should go back to your casino next time? Sincerely: Mark Schau 14621 Josephine Street Omaha NE 68138 402-891-6383

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