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Dwight Shepherd - Gulfport, MS. - 12/28/2002 4:42:47 AM
I went to this casino on 12-27-02, after cashing out a machine, I had to wait at least 45 minutes to have someone come and service this machine due to the hopper running out of coins. I spoke to a Supervisor about the rediculously long wait and was informed by him that they were busy and that it was too bad I had to wait so long for a slot attendant to fill the machine back up. I have also encountered extremely poor to non existant service from the waitresses at this Casino as well. On this occasion, I chose to go to this Casino, but what these people seem to forget is that they aren't the only Casino in the area and as Ritzie as they come across, they could take some lesson's from some of the other less, flashy casino's in the area on customer relations. From now on, I will be more than happy to take my business elsewhere.
Patricia walker - arlington Texas - 7/31/2001 3:01:45 PM
This is an exciting and fun casion and hotel. I have visited twice and have won twice!!! They are very nice and the accomidations are great. I wish that i could visit more often.

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