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Jon - Savage - 3/15/2003 5:23:01 PM
You think Treasure Island has good pay out's??? Nobody ever wins at Treasure Island. It's a fact that more people win at Grand Casino Hinckley than at TI. By the way, the minimum age to get into Hinckley is 18, not 21 as listed.
Judy Bennett - St.Paul - 7/13/2002 1:15:48 AM
I would go to Treasure Island in Red Wing before going back here. At Treasure Island they know you are out for a good time they will bring you a drink to your game, at this place you are limited and must drink at the bar that is always full so you must stand. This is almost as bad as Mystic Lake that is dry. If you are in Minnesota go to Treasure Island for a really good night out . And I believe the pay outs are alot better there,at Treasure Island. People go out to have fun not to be treated like little kids. If you are gonna serve booze do it in comfort or not at all.People work hard enough for their money and if they are gonna spend it, it should be in fun and comfort and relaxing. Yeah cut them off if they had too much, but come on let them have some fun!!!!!

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