The fundamentals of sound money management

Dear Mark,
The one problem I run in to every time I play blackjack is managing my money. Would you please offer some money management tips for us novices so we donąt part with our money so readily. I can never make it to day two of my weekend trip to Las Vegas. Jason B.

This column, Jason, can teach you all the right bets to make, plus how to play them, but without sound money management techniques, you can still end up going home broke.

Money management is your life-line to getting to that second day. My goal here is to help you make it through the weekend in lieu of hanging out in a keno lounge, tapped out, trying to score free drinks. So, Jason, below are some money management rules I live by when I'm out trying to score a little from the big guys. They will work if you rigorously apply them. Otherwise, I can tell you up front that casino security wonąt allow you to use the keno parlor as a hooch hospice.

Gambling thought of the week: "We got an education when in 1992 Wolfgang Puck opened Spago in the Forum Shops in Caesars Palace and proved to us that people will line up to get good food." -Steve Wynn

"But, Steve, if you bring back a $3.49 prime rib dinner buffet, you'll have lines out the casino front door and down Las Vegas Blvd." -Mark Pilarski